10 reasons i didn't do my homework

Aug 2, 2012 -
"You said do questions 1-10. You didn't say bring them in." My youngest daughter couldn't turn in her homework because her younger step-brother had stolen it,
Mar 11, 2013 -
Many common excuses, like “my dog ate my homework,” are familiar to ... Mutilate your assignment so you teacher can't tell you didn't actually do the work.
#32 MY LIST OF 10 CRAZY REASONS I DIDN'T DO MY HOMEWORK ... me from doing my school tasks, and this are the reasons why I did not do my homework:
9. 10. My mom said I had been working too hard, so I didn't do it. All of these reasons are true! The biggest reasons why I didn't do my homework was because I
May 3, 2012 -
2VoteEMy mom put it in a shredder because she thought my homework was too dumb to teach me anything. You're mom is not going to do something like that, and if she did, she would send a note.M. Come on, really ... itV2 Comments. 10VoteEMy dog shoved it up another dog's anusV1 Comment ... 18VoteEI didn't want to.
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