10 reasons kids should not have homework

The following article explains in layman's terms why children having so many ... Kids Should Not Have Homework: 5 Arguments To Support Your Point.
The first reason that children should not be given homework is that they need time to relax and take their minds off work. The pressure of having to complete
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May 13, 2014 • 10:25AM ? ... “Students have not had that daily homework practice in any subject that keeps the concepts 'alive' and ... Teachers who do assign it need to have a very compelling reason for extending a student's school day.
Why did they have to give us this homework which means that we can no longer ... The teachers said themselves that a kid should get 10-12 hours pf sleep.
Counting: 10 ... If students aren't given homework in elementary school, they won't be able to ... MsHolter: Homework causes high levels of stress in children. ... LydiaHiott: I did not have homework until the second half of my fourth grade year.
As Alfie Kohn states in The Homework Myth, why should children be asked to work a ... they not only don't learn, they get a bad grade and hate learning even more. ..... Schoolperiods are short and most classes have more than say 10 students
Parenting psychologist Justin Coulson says there are no good reasons for it at all. Homeworkis seen by ... Children should read every single day after school and before bed. There should not be ... 10 tips to help get homework done. Welcome.
Bottom line: students have too much homework and most of it is not ... The proponents of homework have remained consistent in their reasons for why ... which suggests that kids should be doing about 10 minutes of homework per night per

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